computer wifi keeps disconnecting
computer wifi keeps disconnecting

Reasons Wifi Keeps Disconnecting And How To Solve It

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It must be annoying when you are working or studying, but your wifi keeps disconnecting. Here are the reasons why it happens and how to solve it.

Having your wifi keeps disconnecting, especially when you need to use it, must be so annoying. Generally, there are two main problems regarding this matter, which are sourced within the hardware and the software. To see which one is the real problem, you must look at it more carefully.

However, before you investigate the problem, this article will inform you of some general causes why your computer wifi keeps disconnecting. It also explains how to get rid of the problem and reconnect wifi to your devices.

Why Your Wifi Keeps Disconnecting And How To Fix It

1. Loose Cable Or The Problem Within Modem DSL

One of the most common problems related to internet connection is loose cable or modem DSL. Flexible cable can affect your internet connection, which causes the wifi to be on and off many times.

Modem related problems also are being first to be thought of. Either your modem is an old version, so it is no more compatible with the high-speed internet connection. Or it can be caused by your internet server or provider that can not provide sufficient speed to your needs.

Whatever the causes are, you can always try these ways to fix the problem related to loose cable and modem:

  • Turn off your modem, then plug out all the cable. Wait around 1 to 2 minutes, then replug in your LAN cables. Then turn it on.
  • If the first way did not succeed, you must purchase a new LAN cable or a new modem.
  • If both ways did not give a satisfying result, you have no choice than contacting your internet provider to ask what happens and asking them to fix it.

Wired Or Wireless Router

Wired or wireless routers have become very popular as an internet provider in houses or offices. They enable people to use wifi freely, but sometimes problems occur.

Like LAN cable and modem DSL, this kind of provider’s main problem lies in its router. It can be too old, broken, cut or loose cables, or maybe your server.

To solve these problems, you can check these steps below:

  • Restart your router the way you restart the model DSL.
  • If you are using wireless internet, try to plug the wire into your computer.
  • If both ways did not work, contact your internet provider anytime.

LAN Or Network Card

Another hardware obstacle that causes your internet is not to run properly caused by LAN or network card. For your additional information, this problem can only occur for those of you who are using computers, not smartphones or laptops.

To check the card, you can open up your CPU and take out the card. Avoid touching too much on the card especially when your hands are sweaty or wet. Check carefully if the card is damaged or has too much dust.

To fix these problems, you can do:

  • Cleaning up the dust using soft tissue or special cleaner tools.
  • If it is broken, you can purchase a new one.

Conflict On IP Address

The first software problem that might be the culprit of your disconnecting wifi is conflict on your IP Address. Do not worry; this problem does not need any hacker skill to solve.

Conflict on IP Address is usually caused by many devices being used at the same time and joined to the same internet connection. This situation could lead to confusion on your router when it is sending internet data. Due to the same IP address, it could not decide which devices to send the data to.

This situation also could lead to IP duplication, which usually happens to telephones and laptops. It happens to the IP that has identical addresses, such as Therefore, your router might not be able to send signals to all of your devices.

The best way to fix the problem caused by conflict on IP addresses is that:

  • Every single device must have its exclusive IP address. You can directly contact tr internet provider’s customer service to send their technician and fix the problem for you.
  • Or you can change adaptor settings on your computer by pressing the Windows icon on your keyboard >> Control Panel >> Network and Sharing Center >> Change Adaptor Settings >> right-click on Local Area Connection >> Properties >> Internet Protocol 4.

Internet Protocol

The next problem often found in wifi connection is related to internet protocol. This problem is more complicated than conflict on IP addresses, but the solution is quite simple.

The main reason why problems happen in internet protocol causes wifi to keep disconnecting is the registry complication. Other than this, there are no other exact reasons why internet protocol suddenly stops the network.

To solve this problem like mentioned before is simple:

  • On your Windows computer or PC, Run your computer by pressing the icon “Windows and R” on the keyboard.
  • A box will be popped up, then type “netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt.”
  • Then you can restart your Windows device to reconnect to the wifi.

Files On Your Windows System Are Damaged

If you wonder which problem is the most malignant for your wifi network, this might be the best answer. The damaged files on your Windows system are the worst cause of Windows wifi keeps disconnecting and need extra patience to fix the problem. Or maybe different hope as well.

The leading cause of this problem is viruses or spyware inside your computer software. At least there are two methods to fix the problem which you can follow accordingly:

  • The first method is downloading and installing anti-virus software to scan if they cause any viruses or damage. Hopefully, this method can help you in one try, and you can go back surfing and enjoy the virtual world again.
  • If the first method did not work, it is time to do something that most people hate to do: Reboot your computer. Before you reboot it, make sure you already made a backup to keep your essential data.

The wifi keeps disconnecting the worst you want to expect when working or playing games online. Rather than swearing or throwing your devices, be calm and get rid of the problems using the solutions this article provided. Good luck!