convert ODT to PDF
convert ODT to PDF

Find The Best Way! How to Convert ODT to PDF

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If you’re looking for the best way to convert ODT to PDF, you’re already on the most appropriate page. Recommended offline and online file conversions will be discussed here.

For many of these companies in the business world, documents related to business needs are indeed vital. For that reason, the most supportive document format is the file format in PDF form.

So if you create a document in another format, the company must instruct you to convert it first into PDF format. No exception if the file is in ODT format. This article will be discussed several ways to convert ODT to PDF. For those of you who do not know, here is the full review.

  1. Soft4Boost Document

The best software to convert various types of documents is Soft4Boost Document. This software can convert both image and text files to any document format.

For example, convert an ODT image file to a PDF file form. Soft4Boost Document supports conversion to many types of file formats. Such as PDF, DOC, ODT, TXT, HTML, RTF.

  1. PDF24

PDF24 software is quite popular. This software is devoted to reading, editing, and converting PDF files.

The advantages of PDF24, in addition to supporting various file formats, this software is easy to use. Even for beginners, it doesn’t take long to learn how it works.

This software widely reaps positive reviews. Many users express their satisfaction with the conversion results and the ease of the process. So, you don’t have to hesitate to use PDF24.

  1. odt-to-pdf-converter

Another software for convert odt to PDF needs is odt-to-pdf-converter, which is specialized for Windows programs. If you want to install this software, you need Java installation first. The way these software works is quite simple in converting files.

All you have to do is enter the ODT file you want to convert, and all you have to do is click the OK button and wait for the conversion results in PDF format.

If you want to convert ODT files from all directories, specify an input directory using the DIR button. Next, set the output directory where the PDF file will be saved.

5 Best Sites to Convert ODT to PDF Online


If told to choose the best site to convert ODT to PDF files, my choice falls on


In addition to being the most users and visitors to this site. This site has also lasted up to 5 years. This indicates that the performance and conversion results of the file never disappoint. This trusted site also guarantees the security of the files you upload.

This is because the files you have uploaded will be automatically deleted after 1 hour. Another advantage is its ability to convert 20 ODT files at once to PDF file format at a time. Amazing, right?

By only doing a few easy steps such as uploading and downloading the conversion results of PDF files. You’ve made your precious time efficient.


The next popular file conversion site, there What does this site offer? This site provides conversion services of all kinds of file formats, including ODT to PDF file formats.

Since 2006, has satisfied many clients with quality conversion results and as expected. Without the need to use special software and at no expense, you can convert ODT files to PDF format.

The advantages of this site that other converters do not have, also supports over 1200 file formats. So, whatever type of file format you want to convert, everything you can do on this site.


 If you’re concerned about the output and features. probably is the best choice. It is not without reason. With quality output, the features provided by this site are quite diverse.

Besides, of course, the main feature is converting various file formats to PDF format, including ODT. to provide other conveniences, including merge files, extract pages, rearrange pages or split pages, compress files, define header/footer.

There are also features to rotate PDF pages, unlock PDFs, and customize PDF layouts. Everything you need is on this site.


The site is also worth trying to convert various file formats, including ODT to PDF, i.e., The site, which is always recommended on the first page of Google provides a very easy-to-use converter.

 All you have to do is drag and drop the ODT files you want to convert or use the web page’s upload options. Moreover, just waiting for the finished file to be converted for later download and saved.

 This online PDF tool can convert ODT files directly from your Dropbox account or Google Drive. For those of you who want to have tools, currently, there is a unique software for Windows called PDF Candy Desktop.


 Another of the best PDF converter sites not to be missed is The site that has existed since 2005 until now is proof of professionalism and quality of the output produced. Until now, the site has helped millions of users around the world. So, there is nothing to doubt from this best converter site.

Besides its very easy and free use, this site can convert various file formats, including ODT to PDF conversion.

You can upgrade your tools from this site for a broader experience by signing up for a premium account. With a premium membership, you can convert unlimited files, security is guaranteed, and a variety of priority support can be obtained.

Finally, both offline and online software all have the purpose of making it easier for you to convert files. Some of the software mentioned above is also always upgraded to the latest version to maximize your experience converting files.

Reviews of some software recommendations for convert ODT to PDF, one of which can be your choice. Choose the easiest and most efficient in terms of time, because your time is precious. Hopefully, this article can add your information and insights. Have a good day’s work again.