Utilizing Advances in Technology Wisely

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Utilizing Advances in Technology Wisely if we do not take advantage of technological. Advances wisely, it could be that these technological advances harm our lives. As I explained in my previous article, technological advances can make our life skills decrease. For example, the ability to communicate face-to-face because you use chat or telephone features more often.

Advances in Technology
Advances in Technology

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take Advances in Technology. We also need to keep up with the times and technology. Here are some simple tips that can be practised so that our lives remain balanced and develop with technological advances. Human life, which began with simplicity, has now become a life that can be categorized as very modern.

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In an era where information and communication technology is increasingly sophisticated, everything can be done nearly. Information and communication technology is useful for facilitating all aspects of human life. Today’s information world seems inseparable from technology. The use of information and communication technology by the community has made the technology world more sophisticated.

Today’s information world seems inseparable from technology. The use of technology by the community makes the technology world more sophisticated. Communication that used to take a long time to deliver, now with technology everything is so fast and it feels like there is no distance. This is due to the faster access to information in everyday life. We can find out what events are happening in other regions or even in other countries such as the United States, even though we are in Indonesia.

How to Utilize Advances in Technology Wisely?

One of them is in the field of communication technology, such as the existence of smartphones and the internet, making humans increasingly improve their communication methods. Various kinds of communication media are also present to make it easier for humans to interact. Along with the times, internet technology has become a necessity for society, this is what gave birth to social media.

Social media is online media, namely media that only exists using the internet where users can express ideas, express themselves, and use them according to their needs. The presence of social media makes it easy for humans to communicate and socialize. Limit the use of gadgets and increase socialization and direct reach with other people.

Communicating face-to-face will train our communication skills in everything because it involves expressions, body language, voice intonation, body posture, and so on. Take advantage of technology for more positive things, such as seeking knowledge or information, not to prank friends, watch videos or films that do not meet the requirements or are prohibited, and so on.

Keep doing conventional things or things that our parents or grandparents used to do before technology developed rapidly. The development of technology nowadays is getting faster every day and makes life easier. Especially in this pandemic era where we are required to stay at home.

One example is that we can get what we need with just a few clicks where Previously we had to visit the store in person. In this article, we will discuss what technology means, the functions and benefits of technology in our lives, as well as the positive and negative impacts of technological developments.

What is it like to Utilize Technological Progress Wisely?

Meaning of Technology and Examples

Technology is all kinds of facilities and infrastructure that meet the needs of life and increase the comfort of human life. Initially, one form of technology that made life easier was an object. But over time, technological developments include things that we simply cannot touch. One prime example is the browser you are reading this article on. What you are touching is not your browser but your gadget, which is an example of technological developments in the traditional sense.

Functions and Benefits of Technology

During this pandemic, technology is very useful to help human survival. As we know, it is highly recommended not to leave the house if it is not an urgent matter to reduce the possibility of contracting COVID-19. Applications that can make video calls, order food and other necessities online, and in this day and age are very important.

The Internet has made a huge contribution to ensuring that people can stay in touch with one another and that their basic needs are met. Also, technology can be used to upgrade skills and in some cases, increase productivity.

Feelable Impact of Technology Development

The rapid development of technology will certainly change our lifestyle and, as discussed earlier, make life in general easier. However, technological developments are like double-edged swords. This means that although on the one hand there are many positive impacts, on the other hand, there are also negative impacts.

Is there a Way to Make Wise Use of Technological Advances?

The side of the impact that we will discuss for the first time is the positive impact that technological developments have on our daily lives. Some of the positive impacts of technological developments are as follows:

  • Simplify and simplify the information exchange process
  • Improve work efficiency and effectiveness
  • Allows fully online learning
  • Can communicate with other people even though they are not in the same location
  • Negative Impact of Technology Development

The positive impact that is felt by technological developments can make it easier and add to the comfort of our lives. However, there are some negative impacts of technological developments if not used wisely.

  • Some of the negative impacts of technological developments can be seen below:
  • Addicting to owned gadgets and applications in them
  • Reduced socialization between people because they are too focused on themselves who interact with technology.
  • The increasing number of unemployed is because more companies are using technology than people.

From the above discussion, it can be concluded that the ever-evolving technology can make our life easier and more comfortable Advances in Technology. Even so, if we don’t use it wisely, some negative impacts can worsen the quality of our life. How we respond to the impact of technological developments depends on us. Be wise in using technology because there are so many good and bad effects for you.

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